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Does Bigfoot Dream of Flowers?

Purchase alumni collaborate to answer the question.

The Network At Work

Purchase film and acting alumni pose the question, Does Bigfoot Dream of Flowers?

Discover the answer in a short film directed by Max Mooney ’17 (film), who co-wrote the script with its lead Shayan Sobhian ’17 (acting), best known for his recurring role of Behrad Tarazi on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The film also stars Oona Roche ’17 (acting), who had just completed Apple TV’s Morning Show when filming began, in which she plays Lizzie, the daughter of Jennifer Aniston’s main character. (And she’s the real-life niece of musician and author Suzzy Roche ’05, who first attended in the 70s, then spent 30 years with her band The Roches, before returning to complete her degree in acting).

They finished filming just before the pandemic hit. The team has opted to share it on YouTube to help find its audience.

Aidan Macaluso ’18 was the director of photography. Additional film alumni on the project include Gabriella Murillo ’17, Chris Ortega ’18, and Jordan Tetewsky ’16.

Read more about the search for the perfect Bigfoot costume, the allusion to Dora the Explorer, and chia seeds on

Shayan Sobhian '17 (acting) Shayan Sobhian ’17 (acting) Oona Roche '17 (acting) Oona Roche ’17 (acting)