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Three Alumni Screening Films at MoMA

The Millennium Film Workshop takes place Thursday, February 17.

Short films by three alumni filmmakers will be part of the same night of programming at the Millennium Film Workshop at MoMA on Thursday, February 17.

Directed by Paul Echeverria ’96 (film)

Saffron Mourning (2005/2020), Digital. 5 min.
“Saffron Mourning is an exploration of contrasting metaphors and sensibilities. The film illuminates a passionate canvas of color in combination with the dreary backdrop of winter. The waves of flowing saffron offer an array of potential emotions, including pleasure, happiness, and bliss. Conversely, the ripples of frost and shadow hint at an obscure outcome for the strolling participants.”

Directed by Joey Huertas ’98 (film)

D-Blok Snag (1995) Digital. 5 min.
“A land art film that examines the poverty of a residential block in the South Bronx. Torched stolen cars, abandoned mutt dogs and dirty laundry are a few of the visual anchors that weave this location study together. This film was shot on Tri-X film and in-camera edited using a 16mm Bolex camera.”

Directed by Erik Spink ’11 (cinema studies)

Meet Me in the Meadow (2021.) Digital. 6 min.
“Even downtown, I never stopped thinking of the Meadow. In 2021, I turned my eyes away from that familiar skyline. This film forced me to look again. As I traced my relationship to this city, I was drawn back to the one place that is most meaningful. Each frame is tied to a moment of joy and an abundance of hope. After about two decades of capturing images, I’ve realized each film is an excuse for something. Usually, love.”