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Senior Film by Lamesa Nashrat ’21 Screening at TIDE Festival

The TIDE film festival celebrates the power of storytelling by filmmakers of color.

Congratulations to Lamesa Nashrat ’21 (film), her senior thesis film, a day at the beach, is an official selection at the TIDE Film Festival, happening November 19–21 in Brooklyn. She wrote and directed the 16-minute film.

Watch the trailer below.

“Under the pressures of late-stage capitalism and the impending doom of climate change, the narrator explores past, present, and the speculative future through Google search, personal photographs, and observation of the world around her. All with the careful help of Siri and Jeff Bezos.”

Nashrat participated in the Pacific Arts Movement Creative Leaders Fellowship program this past summer, which emphasizes high-level professional development objectives like leadership skills, communication, team building, and collaboration.

As an immigrant from Barisal, Bangladesh from the age of four, Nashrat seeks to share her exploration of the American experience through filmmaking, Her family immigrated to Fairfield County, CT seven months prior to 9/11. Having come from a Muslim background, the experiences which resulted from the events of that tragic day have impacted her deeply.

Fairfield County has the highest income disparity in the United States. The line between classes has always felt sharp and poignant to her. This is what sparked her fascination with America and her ongoing investigation on what it means to be an American. 

Nashrat is currently a junior editor at Nickelodeon Intl. When she’s not making films, you’ll likely find her snapping Polaroids of the impermanent world, writing poems, or vlogging.