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Professor Shaka McGlotten Named to HFPA Advisory Board

Professor of Media Studies has been selected to join the advisory board for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organization behind the Golden Globe Awards.

“I am honored to have been asked to serve on the Advisory Board for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and to aid them in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as they undertake vital, sweeping reforms to their organization,” says McGlotten.

The HFPA has been under fire recently for its lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in its makeup and the awards it bestows. It’s in the process of overhauling the organization.

One of three recently named to the advisory board, they will help the HFPA diversify, such as overseeing the creation of a new credentials committee that will help screen and select new members. The membership chooses the Golden Globe nominees.

“The creation of an Advisory Board comprised primarily of outside professionals is intended to provide an independent voice in our new member selection process starting with the selection process of the members of the Credentials Committee,” recently-elected HFPA president Helen Hoehne says in a statement. “Shaka McGlotten, Santiago Pozo and Paula Williams Madison have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure the new member selection process remains focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.”

McGlotten serves as Chair of the Gender Studies and Global Black Studies Programs and is contributing faculty member to Anthropology, New Media, and Cinema Studies.