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Louise Bartolotta ’16 Receives Inaugural Content Grant

The filmmaker will receive $5,000 from HUDSY.

HUDSY announced three Community Content Fund winners selected by an independent Content Committee. Each will receive $5,000 to produce video projects by November 1 for the HUDSY app, launching in early 2022. Bartolotta was selected from nearly 40 grant submissions.

HUDSY is a free video streaming platform that creates and distributes premier content from New York State’s Hudson Valley. Kind of like if Netflix and high-quality public access television had a digital TV baby,” according to the site.

Louise Bartolotta ’16 is a filmmaker and educator from Poughkeepsie. She fell in love with filmmaking in 2011 as a teen producer at the Children’s Media Project in Poughkeepsie and has been making DIY films ever since.

Her submitted script “Javelina” is about growing up surrounded by the magic of nature and the fear of losing your childhood wonder, against the backdrop of gentrification.

The story is inspired by the Florida Project, Pan’s Labyrinth and Spirit of the Beehive —all about how a child absorbs the adult situations around them. 

Bartolotta works as a camera assistant, producer, videographer in independent films, commercials, web series, and music projects.

Filmmaker Louise Bartolotta '16