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Tayler Montague ’19 On the Rise in Vanity Fair

Tayler Montague, Class of 2019, getting noticed for her film, In Sudden Darkness in Vanity Fair Magazine.

Vanity Fair has named 5 Black Indie Directors succeeding in this challenging pandemic year. EOP’s Tayler Montague ’19 has been previously named as a New Face by Filmmaker Magazine is continuing to receive recognition for her film, In Sudden Darkness about familial intimacy in the 2003 Manhattan blackout.

Montague’s success is also due to the virtual shift in this year’s festival programming. She states, “I want this to be a film that is accessible and does return to its community, online, or wherever, once it’s done doing the Festival Circuits. That’s my hope.”

Representation and storytelling matters to Montague. She states, “it was also important for me to have it back in the community. Because I remember, even in my own experiences with the blackout, it was like, if everyone you live on the block with and you know intimately is outside, you start to be able to tell each other by voice. And that was something I wanted to fold into the film. These people know each other.”

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