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Illustration by Senior Gabriella Shery in the New York Times

The work accompanies a story in the Style section.

Open the March 1, 2021 issue of the New York Times’ Style section and you’ll see an illustration by Gabriella Shery ’21 (graphic design). 

The illustrator and designer from Brooklyn, NY has a portfolio brims with commissions for publications such as Catapult, BUST, DIY, Lithium Magazine, and others.

Her work caught the attention of an art director in charge of the Styles section of the Times who offered her a gig creating an illustration to accompany a piece on personal finance.

Illustration by Gabriella Shery '21 appeared in March 1, 2021 New York Times.

“For the past four years of studying design I felt like I was losing touch with the part of my creativity that came most naturally which was drawing,” Shery says. “To help with this, I started to take more time to draw and experiment on projects that weren’t just assigned.”

She found inspiration in the college’s library. “The artist book section in the library was my favorite place on campus and really inspired me as a designer and illustrator—I probably spent more time there than anywhere else.”

Associate Professor of Graphic Design Robin Lynch is not surprised by Shery’s success. “Gabby’s got fire in her belly. She’s stood out for me since teaching her in sophomore year—early on possessing intent and point of view about her work​, always wanting more feedback, and trusting the iterative process—these are strong markers for success,” says Lynch.

Her work can be found on Instagram at @Gabshery and her website