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Erin Sullivan ’12 Delivers a TED Talk

Travel photographer, writer, and advocate talks about putting down the camera and being present.

Erin Sullivan ’12 (BALA, visual arts and environmental studies) is a travel photographer, writer, and adventure guide who has gained a significant online following—her Instagram @erinoutdoors currently has over 70k followers.

Both her blog and Instagram account serve as inspiration for photographers, enthusiasts, travelers, and those just looking for a little push to get outside their comfort zone.

She’s now sharing her thoughts about photography and being present in a TED Talk released recently.

Watch her TED Talk here.

You can also read more about her and see samples of her work from the Fall 2019 issue of PURCHASE magazine.

Cover of PURCHASE Magazine Fall 2019 Issue (Erin Sullivan '12 in the desert with sunglasses and a head scarf)


Sky with stars and tree (Erin Sullivan '12)

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