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Featuring the Work of Hal Hartley ’84

A film festival at NYC’s Metrograph and a Q&A with Filmmaker

The Metrograph in New York City is featuring the films of Hal Hartley ’84 this Friday, January 24 to Sunday, February 2.

Filmmaker Magazine recently released a Q&A with the filmmaker in which he speaks about his acclaimed career and his start at Purchase.

“Yeah, it seems everyone I met at Purchase ended up being around me or working with me for the next thirty years. When I left Boston, before I went to Purchase, I was watching a lot of films much more closely than anyone else around me, which meant I couldn’t share my enthusiasms. But when I got to Purchase, that’s all it was for four years. It was a really exciting, productive time. You were given license to fail, and you could try a lot of things to see where they went. Your competence was judged by your efforts to try.”

Read the full piece here.


Picture above: Alumni Parker Posey (acting) and Hal Hartley ’84 on the set of Fay Grim (2005).