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Purchase Professor and Students Featured in Chancellor’s Inauguration

Anthony Domestico, associate professor of literature, offers remarks on behalf of the faculty of SUNY and Conservatory of Music students perform.

On Friday, September 14, Kristina Johnson was formally inaugurated as the 13th chancellor of The State University of New York. The event, held at Morris W. and Fannie B. Haft Theater at the Fashion Institute of Technology, featured Purchase in more than one respect.

Associate Professor of Literature Anthony Domestico offered Greetings from the Faculty of the University representing SUNY faculty system-wide. 

In his remarks, he spoke about the idiosyncratic environment at Purchase that creates a unique teaching and learning experience for all, citing how the “openness to the strange and unconventional allows both students and faculty to think creatively, to work and write and talk across boundaries.”

Domestico’s remarks begin at 32:34 in the video of the event. Literature professor Anthony Domestico speaks at the SUNY Chancellor's Inauguration
Purchase students from the Conservatory of Music also figured into the event, performing during Friday’s inauguration and for the previous night’s dinner. 

Members of the Purchase Symphony Orchestra performed Friday under the direction of Mina Kim, conductor.

Violin I
  • Alex Moy, Concertmaster
  • Inna Langerman
  • Symon Bylik
  • Emily Fredericks
  • Adrianne Munden-Dixon
Violin II
  • Evan Ducreay
  • Michael Mandrin
  • Jessica Li
  • Lauren Jenkins
  • Michela Christenson
  • Carolyn Miner
  • Kate Barmotina
  • Nico Mazziotti
  • Christopher Jung
  • Matthew Peralta

The following students performed during dinner Thursday evening:

  • Lucille (Lucy) Wijnands
  • Michael (Mikey) Migliore
  • Kendric McAllister
  • Jordan Carr

Domestico's colleagues in the School of Humanities gather for a viewing part of the Chancellor's ... Domestico's colleagues in the School of Humanities gather for a viewing part of the Chancellor's Inauguration.