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Students reimagine Tchaikovsky

Purchase students and alumni from the Conservatories of Dance and Music release Odette’s Crown.

Avant Projekts is a social media-based music and dance company founded by three Purchase alumnae: oboist Dannielle McBryan, choreographer Anneke Belman, and violinist Heather Münch.

Their mission is to present classical art forms in a relatable format that appeals to viewers from all backgrounds and features equal collaboration among musicians, dancers, and videographers. They take influence from well-known stories and add to them in unanticipated ways.

They just released their first project, Odette’s Crown, which is a theoretical epilogue to the 1877 version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. This interdisciplinary project features many Purchase students and alumni and asks the question, “What if Siegfried did get Odette forever?”

Music/Libretto: Dannielle McBryan
Choreography: Anneke Belman

Odette: Jennie Harary
Siegfried: William Byram
Musicians: Dactyl Duo (Caroline Sonett, flute & Dannielle McBryan, oboe)
Videography: Jordan Tetewsky

For for information or to read the full story behind this project, visit their website.