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Ingrid Jensen’s New Album is a Family Affair

Ingrid Jensen, trumpeter extraordinaire and visiting affiliate artist in jazz studies, is currently touring her new album, Infinitude, with her sister Christine, husband Jon Wikan, guitar whiz Ben Monder, and bassist Fraser Hollins.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, the sisters were part of a musical family that led both of them to pursue music. The Edmonton Journal raves, “Infinitude is the latest exceptional step, maybe the finest example of home-cooked jazz this year. At turns moody and mysterious, curious and playful, the release on Whirlwind Records is an exceptional example of how kindred spirits can make compelling sounds together.”

“A lot of branches from the different projects we’ve had over the past 20 years all link to the centre of this music,” explains Ingrid. “Some of these tunes are structured and some really free. I think we have enough together individually now that we can take a small kernel and really nourish it with our ideas and know it’s going to be different every time.”

For more on their album, visit Whirlwind Recordings.