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EOP Summer Orientation RSVP

This RSVP Form is for EOP students only. 

In order to make your experience better, please pick one of two books you’d prefer to read. These books will be provided to you and used in our summer program writing course. The two options are Letters to a Young Brother by Hill Harper and Letters to a Young Sister by Hill Harper. You may click the title of the book to view a summary before choosing. 

The program includes a physical activity called the “Boundless Adventures”. It’s a ropes course with different levels of challenge. Feel free to click the link above to find out more about the course. Any student who wishes to participate will have their ticket paid for by the program. If you wish to participate, please indicate on the survey below. 

Students who will not be 18 years of age by July 19th, 2018 should have their parent or guardian pre-sign a participation agreement/waiver. Parents will not be allowed to participate in this activity during the summer program. Students under 18, who do not pre-sign a waiver with their parent/guardian will not be allowed to participate. 

If you have any medical condition or dietary needs that the EOP/MAP staff should be aware of, please let us know. Please be sure to also register with the Office of Disability Resources to receive necessary accommodations during the academic year (i.e. extended test time).

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I understand that the EOP/MAP freshman program is mandatory, and my enrollment as a freshman is contingent upon successfully completing the program.*
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Which book would you prefer to read?*
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Would you like to participate in the "Ropes Course"?*
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If so, please describe the nature of the condition(s) and your needs. Your EOP/MAP counselor will contact you if we need additional information.
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