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Who’s Attending #ForeverPurchase

See which of your friends and former classmates have already signed up to attend the #ForeverPurchase Alumni Meet Up at District Social NYC on July 11, 2024.

Registrations as of 7:00am on Wednesday, June 18, 2024

First Name Last Name Year of Graduation Major
Manny Fishman 1975 English
Carl Reinlib 1975 Music
Ira Lipson 1976 Literature
Jonathan Kaskel 1979 Film History
Jeff Clapp 1980 Theatre / Film
Rocco Tricarico 1980 Urban planning and public policy
Bubba Fanelli 1981 Theatre Design Technology
(Jerry) Walter O’Neil 1981 History and Literature
John Ellrodt 1987 Culture and Society
Edward Murr 1989 Painting
Christine Bronico 1991 Visual Arts
Barbara (Cornell) Chavez 1991 Art History
Allison Wachtel 1992 Film
Lisa Hoyes 1994 Language and Culture
Gillianne (Stephenson) Butler 1996 Political Science and Sociology
Jeffrey Putman 1996 Political Science
Emily O’Leary 2006 Art History and Literature
Elisa Donahue 2008 Journalism
Gavin Wilson 2009 Theatre Design Technology
Peter Foy 2011 Cinema Studies
Shanté Skyers 2011 Arts Management
Rebecca Bruckenstein 2012 Drama Studies and Journalism
Yasmín Martinez 2012 Journalism
James (FiFi DuBois) Mullady 2012 Dance
Rosabeya (Diaz) Rotondi 2012 Biology
Stephanie Blum 2013 Arts Management
Diane Malacarne 2013 History
Kyle McKenzie 2013 Journalism
T’keyah Robinson 2013 Literature
Jialian Lin 2015 Arts Management
Rachel Kingsland 2019 Theatre and Performance
Keeran Hemraj 2020 History
Mina Bunch 2021 Graphic Design
Omar Seda 2021 Graphic Design
Mya Forbes 2022 Studio Production
Kawen Kuang 2022 Fine Art
Sonya Boyko 2023 Visual Arts
Djibril Soulama 2023 Cinema Studies