Do you want to create a better world? Are you fascinated by such topics as race, social class, gender, globalization, the environment, education, social work, or social change?

These subjects and others that deal with social relationships, culture, and the nature of society comprise the discipline of sociology. As a broad and eclectic field of inquiry, sociology uses many different approaches, ranging from cultural and historical studies to survey research.

The sociology major at Purchase College is designed to give students maximum exposure to the breadth of the field. A choice of four concentrations—Sociology (self-design); Local and Global Communities and Social Change; Social and Health Advocacy; and Education and Society—allows students to focus on a particular area of interest. The program also offers a minor in sociology.

The sociology program is based on social action. It offers opportunities for a broad general education in the liberal arts as well as preparation for work in a range of fields and for further professional training in the discipline or in a variety of other areas. Graduates have earned advanced degrees in sociology, education, law, journalism, public administration, social work, hospital administration, and other disciplines.

What can you do with a degree in sociology? Opportunities exist in both the private and public sectors in the fields of social advocacy, social work, human service, education, business, law, criminal justice, social science research, and community relations. For more detailed information about career opportunities, visit the American Sociological Association.