Fall 2021

  • Professor Rachel Hallote

    A letter from Outgoing Jewish Studies Coordinator Rachel Hallote

    I first came to Purchase College as Coordinator of the Jewish Studies Program in the fall of 2001, just days before 9/11. It was quite a beginning, learning the ropes in the wake of a national catastrophe. But thanks to many supportive colleagues, all went smoothly. One of the most supportive was Professor Roberta Barkan, the founding director of the Program, who encouraged me as I moved towards the next steps for Jewish Studies. Professor Barkan had built the Program from the ground up, a remarkable accomplishment, and her foundations allowed me to take it to the next phase.
  • Martin Drob

    Spotlight On Students

    The Richard Alan Sarnoff Prize in Jewish Studies

    This year’s Sarnoff award in Jewish Studies, presented at the Humanities Awards Ceremony in May, went to Martin Drob. Martin was a History Major with a strong interest in Jewish Studies, who wrote his Senior Project about the United States’ response to the Holocaust.