An Intensive Immersion in the Art of Film and Television

The Cinema and Television Studies major offers students an opportunity for intensive study of the art of film and television through a broad range of courses in history, aesthetics, and cultural critique. The program is carefully structured for students to develop writing, analytical, and research skills culminating in the Senior Project.

In their first year, students take Intro to Cinema Studies I and II, a year-long course dedicated to the history and art of the moving image. As sophomores, students sharpen their skills in visual analysis and historical inquiry. An extensive range of elective courses are offered in topics such as international cinema, television studies, and film. 

During their Junior year, students take Junior Seminar which focuses on film and television theory and its implementation in visual analysis and by the time they become seniors, students are ready to do their own research, which culminates into their final showcase of what was learned in their Senior Project.

Interdisciplinary and Rigorous

This interdisciplinary degree program is rigorous and highly selective, with official admission to the program contingent on successful completion of Introduction to Cinema Studies I and II during the freshman year and a qualifying examination in film history and aesthetics, which is given at the end of the freshman year.