The purpose of the biology minor is to encourage students who are majoring in other disciplines to follow their interest in biology by completing a coherent program of study.

Interested students must submit a completed Application for a Program of Minor Study to the Department Chair of Biology. Upon admission to the biology minor, a student is assigned a minor advisor who will assist in designing an appropriate program.

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Biology

A total of 20 credits in biology, including two of the following courses:

  1. BIO 1510/Human Anatomy and Physiology I: Anatomy and Physiology
  2. BIO 1520/Human Anatomy and Physiology II: Physiology and Nutrition
  3. BIO 1550/General Biology I
  4. BIO 1560/General Biology II
  5. A biology-related section of FRS 1200/Science in the Modern World

Additional courses needed to complete 20 credits are to be selected in consultation with the biology minor advisor:

  • Courses may be chosen from any available biology courses for which the prerequisites are met.
  • At least two courses must be at the 2000 level or above. Advanced courses for students not taking the General Biology sequence include the following (with permission of instructor):
    BIO 3160/Genetics
    BIO 3250/Animal Physiology
    BIO 3430/Vertebrate Zoology
    BIO 3440/Invertebrate Zoology
    BIO 4720/Evolution
    BIO 4770/Scanning Electron Microscopy and Digital Imaging
    ENV 3805/Conservation Biology
    ENV 3820/Animal Behavior
    ENV 4460/Marine Ecology
    PSY 3660/Physiological Psychology

Chemistry Minor for Biology Majors

Many biology majors at Purchase qualify for a minor in chemistry. Biology majors who complete Biochemistry for the BS have already taken enough chemistry and need only submit the Application for a Program of Minor Study. Other biology students must take only one course beyond Organic Chemistry (e.g., CHE 3150, 3510, or 4610).