The purpose of the biology minor is to encourage students who are majoring in other disciplines to follow their interest in biology by completing a coherent program of study.

Interested students must submit a completed Application for a Program of Minor Study to the Department Chair of Biology. Upon admission to the biology minor, a student is assigned a minor advisor who will assist in designing an appropriate program.

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Biology

A total of 20 credits in biology, including two of the following courses:

  • BIO 1510/Human Anatomy and Physiology I: Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIO 1520/Human Anatomy and Physiology II: Physiology and Nutrition
  • BIO 1550/General Biology I
  • BIO 1560/General Biology II
  • A biology-related section of FRS 1200/Science in the Modern World

Additional courses needed to complete 20 credits are to be selected in consultation with the biology minor advisor:

  • Courses may be chosen from any available biology courses for which the prerequisites are met.
  • At least two courses must be at the 2000 level or above. Advanced courses for students not taking the General Biology sequence include the following (with permission of instructor):
    BIO 3160/Genetics
    BIO 3250/Animal Physiology
    BIO 3430/Vertebrate Zoology
    BIO 3440/Invertebrate Zoology
    BUI 3530/Cell Biology
    BIO 4720/Evolution
    BIO 4770/Scanning Electron Microscopy and Digital Imaging
    ENV 3805/Conservation Biology
    ENV 3820/Animal Behavior
    ENV 4460/Marine Ecology
    PSY 3660/Physiological Psychology

Note: Lab credit that accompanies the approved lecture courses listed above can also count towards the 20 credit minimum needed for the minor.

Chemistry Minor for Biology Majors

Many biology majors at Purchase qualify for a minor in chemistry. Biology majors who complete Biochemistry for the BS have already taken enough chemistry and need only submit the Application for a Program of Minor Study. Other biology students must take only one course beyond Organic Chemistry (e.g., CHE 3150, 3510, or 4610).