Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. use the major concepts of biology and more specialized knowledge in advanced topics of interest to particular students
  2. perform successfully a variety of laboratory experiments and field studies, including use of equipment and appropriate safety protocols.
  3. locate, review, and evaluate published works on life science topics, and present the results to an audience.
  4. use the advanced biological knowledge, required of a professional biologist.

Biology measures for the above outcomes:
Curricular foci for measuring each of the outcomes, using quizzes, exams, papers, workshops, field and laboratory exercises, and research projects, are as follows:

  1. BIO 1550 and 1560/General Biology I and II; advanced courses in the various specializations
  2. Laboratory sections of required courses: BIO 1550 and 1560; and laboratory studies from the required upper-level biology electives
  3. BIO 2890 and 3890/Sophomore and Junior Seminar; selected upper-level courses
  4. 4000-level courses