Academic Requirements for the Minor in Asian Studies

Five courses, as follows:

  1. Two courses must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.
  2. One course must be in history. The remaining four courses may be selected from Asian art history, anthropology, Chinese language (strongly suggested), cinema, literature, philosophy, politics, and theatre arts.

Courses Available for the Minor in Asian Studies

School of Film and Media Studies

Cinema Studies:
  • CIN 3757/New Waves of East Asian Cinema

School of Humanities

Art History:
  • ARH 4710/Exoticism in Modern Art
Chinese Language and Culture:
  • CHI 1010/Beginning Chinese I
  • CHI 1020/Beginning Chinese II
  • CHI 1505/Chinese Culture and Social Life
  • CHI 2010/Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHI 2020/Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHI 3010/Advanced Chinese I
  • CHI 3020/Advanced Chinese II
  • HIS 2250/Introduction to Asian Studies
  • HIS 2600/History of Modern Japan
  • HIS 2820/Introduction to Chinese Arts and Culture
  • HIS 2825/Modern South Asian History (added Fall 2017)
  • HIS 2830/Modern East Asia
  • HIS 3145/Chinese Cinema and History
  • HIS 3269/Vietnam and Modern America
  • HIS 3310/Politics and Literature in Modern China
  • HIS 3510/China in the Modern Age
  • HIS 3770/Traditional China
  • LIT 2387/Literature of the South Asian Diaspora
  • LIT 3215/South Asian Literature
  • LIT 3226/Literature of Decolonization in South Asia
  • PHI 2430/Classical Buddhist Philosophy
  • PHI 3290/Chinese Philosophy: From Confucius through the Neo-Confucian Synthesis of the Song Dynasty

School of Natural and Social Sciences

  • ANT 2400/Anthropology of South Asia
  • ANT 3185/Global Media, Local Cultures
  • ANT 3600/Contemporary Japan: Aesthetics, Politics, Modernity
Political Science:
  • POL 2105/Citizens Living Under Islamic Laws
  • POL 2350/Free Speech, Heresy, and Gender in Islamic Societies
  • POL 3430/Politics of South Asia
  • POL 3573/Human Rights and Literature

Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Theatre and Performance:
  • THP 3170/Theatricality and Interculturalism (changed Spring 2018; formerly THP 3155/The Theatrical Avant-Garde: East Meets West)
  • THP 3260/Theatre and Asia