Purchase College Cabinet

  • Dennis Craig

    Dennis Craig

    Officer in Charge
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Catherine Brod

    Catherine Brod

    Vice President for Institutional Advancement
    Executive Director of the Purchase College Foundation and Charitable Entities

College Council

Each campus in the SUNY system has its own College Council to manage, supervise, and control the workings of its college in accordance with the rules. It consists of 10 members: nine appointed by the governor and one elected by and from the student body on campus.

Purchase College Council

Elaine Wingate Conway, Chair Emeritus
Susan M. Corcoran, Esq.
Elijah Logan, Student Representative: PSGA President
Mary C.  Marvin
Richard Nightingale
Elizabeth Robertson
Susie Rush
Dan Hanessian, Faculty Presiding Officer
Paula Cancro, Alumni Representative

College Senate

The Purchase College Senate’s primary role is governance and they legislate on all matters pertaining to the college, except for those relating to policies regarding personnel actions and matters that are in the traditional purview of the faculty, like curriculum.

School Deans

Ross Daly, Interim Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lorenzo Candelaria, Dean of the School of the Arts

Each dean is responsible for setting the goals and standards for their respective schools, keeping up with current progress, and pushing toward the future.

Faculty At Large

This group of voting faculty is responsible for developing and implementing educational, curricular, and faculty personnel policies and for defining and upholding academic and professional standards, including teaching, research, and creative activities.