In-State Tuition

Effective for periods of enrollment on or after August 28, 2016, in-state tuition may be available to the service member, spouse, or dependent even if they are not New York State residents. Eligibility is determined based on the SUNY Military In-State Tuition policy. Documentation supporting a student’s military status or connection is required. For more information, please contact the certifying official, Paul Arroyo, at or (914) 251-6361.

Effective for periods of enrollment on or after July 1, 2009, in-state tuition will continue to be provided to the service member, spouse, or dependent even after the member’s permanent duty station changes to a location outside New York, if they were granted in-state tuition previously under the provision for those in active duty in the state and they are continuously enrolled at Purchase College.

New Provisions for Military Personnel Under the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

Readmission Policy

As long as the following conditions are met, Purchase College will readmit a student who has been on active-duty service in the Armed Forces (including Reserves and National Guard) with the same academic status as when the student last attended:

  • The student gives advance notice (written or verbal) of the call to active duty or, upon seeking readmission, submits a written verification that such service was performed, requiring their absence.
  • The absence from school for active duty does not exceed five years.
  • The student submits a notification of intent to re-enroll within three years after the completion of service or within two years after recovery from an illness or injury incurred during the service.
  • The separation from service was not dishonorable.

For general information, including the application form for readmission, please refer to Readmission.