Eligibility: The competition is open to all current Purchase College students, regardless of

major. Cross-disciplinary collaborations between current Purchase College students is


Stipend: An award of $500.00 will go to the selected artist(s) with a budget up to $3,500.00

to cover the cost of materials, fabrication, installation, maintenance costs and de-installation.

Selection Criteria: The submitted proposals (see “please upload proposals here” link below)

will be evaluated by the members of the President’s Committee for Public Art on Campus

and their selection will be presented to the President for final approval. All decisions

are final. Decisions will be made on the basis of the submitted application and supporting

materials and will consider the following criteria:

Artistic Merit: The proposed work should exhibit creativity and a high standard of design.

The artist’s application proposal should, through previous work, demonstrate proficiency in

the proposed medium.

Site: The proposed piece must be appropriate to the identified location in size, concept and

visual quality and should be responsive to the environmental and social context. The

installation must not disrupt pedestrian traffic or obstruct walkways.

  • Identify the proposed location of the piece and include a description of why the artwork is appropriate for the site.
  • A rendering or sketch of the piece, showing the location and orientation of the piece, should be included.

Sites should be chosen from the following campus locations, but other sites (see #6) will be considered with approval:

  1. Fort Awesome Circle and concrete pad in Ft Awesome courtyard
  2. CMFT Lower lobby, exterior courtyard, and Upper Lobby
  3. Plaza and Arcades – non-pedestrian locations
  4. Student Services Building –South Side lobby window area facing CCS
  5. DHall / Quad – in vicinity of new amphitheater area
  6. Site-specific, pending approval from facilities and capital planning, contact Rachel

Owens: m-rachel.owens@purchase.edu for more info about approval process.

Design Aesthetic: Artists should consider, but need not be limited to, the history, culture

and architecture of the Purchase College campus and those who live and work here. Artists should also consider a location with a high degree of foot traffic for maximum exposure.

Durability: Artworks should be constructed from durable materials suitable to the outdoor

site. Simplicity of maintenance and resistance to vandalism should be addressed in the


Students are encouraged to consult with faculty and staff for feedback on their submissions.

Application Requirements: The following information (#’s1-8 below) should be provided in a PDF document no larger than 10MB total.

PROPOSALS DUE: Monday, November 29th - by midnight

NOTE: MONDAY, November 1 at 5pm INFO Session Visual Arts Bldg Room 2032

  1. Contact Information: Name, address, telephone, email, website (if any); class

year and major/advisor.

  1. Project Description: Briefly describe the proposal including all materials,

dimensions of the work and

proposed method of installation.

  1. Site Location: Identify the proposed location of the piece and include a

description of why the artwork is appropriate for the site. A rendering or sketch of the

piece, showing the location and orientation of the piece, should be included.

  1. Artist’s Statement: Provide a brief artist’s statement for the work explaining the

intended impact on the public.

  1. Artist’s Previous Experience: Describe previous experience that is relevant to

the proposed project. Up to 10 images of recent, relevant work and image scripts

should be included.

  1. Project Budget: Provide an estimated budget of anticipated expenses including

materials, fabrication, installation, site restoration, transportation and maintenance


  1. Maintenance: Briefly describe any maintenance requirements for the artwork

during the display period, if any.

  1. References: Provide the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of two

people, preferably members of the Purchase College community, who are familiar

with your work.

Other Requirements:

  1. Installation: The artist will be required to manage and assist with the installation and deinstallation of the artwork. Appropriate signage will be agreed upon by the artist and the Committee and will be mounted near the artwork.
  2. Maintenance: The artist will be available to assist with maintenance during

the months the work is on display. Neither the Committee, nor the College, is

responsible for any damage to the piece while it is installed at the site location.

  1. Removal and Site Restoration: The removal of the work is the responsibility of

the artist. The artist is also responsible for restoring the site to its original condition,

as necessary.

  1. Documentation: The artist retains sole ownership of the artwork but agrees to

allow Purchase College to use any depictions of the work for any lawful purpose and

all non-commercial use.


Committee responds to proposals by Friday, December 10, 2021 notifying finalists

Selection of Finalist and notification of winning proposal announced by Friday,

December 17, 2021.

Recipient of the President’s Award for Student Public Art on Campus will be

announced online.

PLEASE CONTACT m-rachel.owens@purchase.edu with any questions or