What is an ombudsman? How can the ombudsman help me?

The ombudsman assists students in several capacities, including helping students navigate the campus community standards disciplinary system, assisting students who are experiencing difficulties using administrative offices, and helping students negotiate the complicated world of higher education finance.

The ombudsman can:

  • Listen nonjudgmentally and discuss questions, issues, and concerns
  • Help evaluate options
  • Explain college policies and procedures
  • Make appropriate referrals when necessary
  • Empower students to address their concerns and problems
  • Bring patterns of problems/complaints to campus administrators

The ombudsman cannot:

  • Make administrative decisions for Purchase College
  • Judge or assign the guilt or innocence of those accused of breaking the community standards of conduct
  • Give legal advice
  • Process work orders on campus residence repairs
  • Get involved in course grade disputes

Typical issues that our ombudsman assists students with are:

  • A student has spoken with the offices of financial aid and student accounts but still cannot meet the costs of college.
  • A student has been accused of breaking the college’s community standards of conduct and needs an objective professional outside the judicial process to speak with for advice, clarification of campus policies or understanding what to expect during the process. 
  • A student is treated poorly by a college employee and wants to formally bring it to the attention of college administration.