Our mission is to provide members of the campus community with timely and accurate mail handling, distribution, and processing.

The Purchase College Mailroom is located within the North Inner Tunnel between University Police and the Center for Media, Film, and Theatre (CMFT).

To address mail to an individual on campus, please send to:

Name (include Mailbox Number or Department)
Purchase College, SUNY
735 Anderson Hill Rd
Purchase, NY 10577

Please note that the Mailroom only acts as recipient for items shipped via distribution companies (Eg. USPS, FedEx) and does not act as recipient for items that are hand-delivered, such as flowers, legal documents, groceries, and packages without shipping labels.

The Mailroom also strongly advises against having perishable materials sent as there are often processing delays that may impact the time it takes to receive these packages.

For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.