All of us are responsible for the Internal Control Program here at Purchase College. From the senior administration and division heads to department managers, staff, and outside vendors, every member of the College has a role in maintaining an effective system of internal control.

College senior leadership creates a positive internal control environment that supports strong governance, ethical values, integrity, competence, morale, and structure. They set expectations for internal controls and monitor the activities of major divisions with an emphasis on achieving goals.

Division heads and department managers ensure employees have the necessary skills, knowledge, and training. They establish and update policies and procedures that relate to their functional area as well as develop and maintain policies and procedures that are to be followed in performing job functions to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Staff and even outside vendors play an equally vital role in the Internal Control Program. The staff and outside vendors must successfully fulfill the duties and responsibilities established in their job description. They need to monitor their work to ensure it is done properly and that errors, if any, are corrected promptly. They are required to adhere to all applicable policies and procedures. Most importantly, the staff must report breakdowns in internal control systems to their supervisor, manager, or directly to the College Internal Control Officer.

What can you do?

  • Look for opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiencies.
  • Secure your office or workspace and any valuable assets when not in use.
  • Do not share or post user IDs and passwords.
  • Keep documents containing confidential or sensitive data in secure files.
  • Maintain a risk aware perspective.

Questions or Concerns…

We are all responsible for creating and maintaining a strong, effective control environment and a culture of risk awareness. This includes asking questions if you’re not sure what to do and raising concerns if you see something you don’t think is right. Timely communication of your question or concern can prevent something small from becoming more problematic. Please raise your question or concern to one of the following:

Purchase College continues to develop its Internal Control program by adhering to the requirements for both the College and Management/Employees.


College Responsibilities

Management and Employee Responsibilities