In 1987, the Legislature enacted a law entitled the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act (originated in Chapter 814 of the Laws of 1987, then made permanent in Chapter 510 of the Laws of 1999).

Internal control is a process that integrates activities, plans, attitudes, policies, systems and resources designed to provide reasonable assurance that Purchase College will achieve its objectives and mission.  The objectives of an internal control system include the safeguarding of assets, checking accuracy and reliability of accounting data and financial reporting, promoting effectiveness and efficiency of operations, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and adherence to prescribed policies.  Internal control review processes are used to evaluate the ongoing internal control system and to assess and monitor the implementation of necessary corrective actions.

The Division of Budget (DOB) issued the Budget Policy and Reporting Manual Item B-350, Governmental Internal Control and Internal Audit Requirements, which require certain internal control responsibilities and annual certification to DOB.

The requirements are:

  1. Establish and maintain guidelines for a system of internal control
  2. Establish and maintain a system of internal controls and a program of internal control review
  3. Make available to employees a statement of policies and standards with which they are expected to comply
  4. Designate an Internal Control Officer to implement and review the internal control program
  5. Implement education and training to ensure employees have adequate awareness and understanding of internal control standards
  6. Evaluate the need for an Internal Audit function

Our Internal Control Officer (ICO), Darrell Perkins, is responsible for the development, maintenance, and testing of a college-wide Internal Control Program which includes all sectors and divisions. Appropriate compliance with all New York State and SUNY regulations are evaluated annually and communicated to me so that I may formally certify to the College’s compliance.

I remain committed to further developing our internal control program. It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and comply with our system of internal controls, as they are tools which assist the College in achieving its mission. For additional information on our internal control program, please contact Darrell at x6016 or via email.

Thank you for your continued service and participation.

Milagros (Milly) Peña

November 10, 2022