We also operate and maintain various satellite boilers and air-conditioning equipment to provide all heating, hot water, and cooling requirements of the campus. We are also responsible for monitoring and operation of the Siemens energy management system.

The heating plant is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all HTHW generators and associated equipment on campus. The HTHW system provides the heating and domestic hot water requirements for all academic and residential facilities except for Outback, Alumni Village, and Butler Building, and Administration Complex. The heating plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Outback and Alumni Village have individual gas fired boilers. The Administration Complex has satellite boilers and fuel storage tanks that require no. two fuel oil for operation. The Butler Building (student center) has electric heat only and the Children’s Center is equipped with two heat pumps that provide heating and cooling for that facility. Plant personnel are responsible for scheduling fuel oil deliveries and for the daily inspection, operation, and maintenance of all HVAC equipment for these facilities. 

The chiller plant is located at the Lincoln avenue underpass. The plant provides the air-conditioning needs of all academic buildings. The chiller plant operates in the cooling season only from mid-April to mid-October. We operate and monitor all chiller equipment and are responsible for scheduling annual maintenance with outside contractors. 

Plant engineers and assistant engineers are also responsible for annual maintenance of the cooling tower and its associated equipment. The cooling tower is located behind the Physical Education building.

Specific duties follow:

  • Operate all main heating, cooling and auxiliary equipment 
  • Conduct daily inspections of all mechanical systems 
  • Coordinate repairs and preventative maintenance 
  • Operate and maintain boilers during emergency conditions 
  • Keep records of repairs and preventative maintenance on all critical equipment 
  • Maintain daily log of activities 
  • Coordinate upgrades and repairs Siemens service technicians