Active Alerts

Central Heating Plant Boiler - 4/18/24

The Central Heating Plant has also been shut down for unexpected and necessary repairs. We are working with the NYS Office of General Services (OGS) to expedite the repairs necessary to put the central plant back in operation. Facilities staff will be making daily adjustments to the campus HVAC systems to reduce the amount of cool air being supplied to the buildings in an effort to keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable level. Domestic hot water is still available for all buildings, but may be limited at times of peak demand. With outdoor temperatures forecasted to be in the 60’s for the next week, we do not expect indoor temperatures to fluctuate drastically. If you do experience uncomfortable temperatures, please let Facilities Management know by submitting a work order. If residential in nature, please inform the residence life staff in your building. The following buildings are not affected by the heating plant repairs:

Physical Education
Wayback Dorm
Outback Dorm
Alumni Village Apartments
Fort Awesome Dorm
Capital Facilities
Children’s Center

Visual Arts Freight Elevator (South)

The elevator on the South end of the Visual Arts building was taken out of operation due to a failed pressure test as identified by our elevator contractor; this was performed as part of our required annual inspections. We are actively in the process of restoring its functionality, and it is our intent to resolve as quickly as possible; an expensive project such as this requires we adhere to the extensive SUNY/NYS purchasing policies which unfortunately cause delay. At this time, this disruption currently only impacts the 3rd floor senior studio, but access to the ground, first, and second floors is still attainable using the elevator on the North end of the building. While our office has already been in conversation with the appropriate departments to support registered accommodations, those using this 3rd floor studio are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Disability Resources (for students) or Human Resources (for Faculty/Staff) if accessibility accommodations are needed in the interim.