We are primarily responsible for heating and cooling systems in academic buildings, but do provide services to residential facilities when required.

Specific duties follow:

  • Maintenance and repair of all air handling equipment 
  • Replace air filters 
  • Lubricate bearings 
  • Change Belts 
  • Repair heating and cooling coils 
  • Calibrate thermostats 
  • Schedule repairs for variable frequency drives 
  • Monitoring of HVAC control systems 
  • Respond to all hot and cold complaints and adjust discharge temperatures 
  • Maintenance and repair of all refrigeration equipment under 20 tons. 
  • Supervise and monitor all HVAC contractors 
  • Order supplies and materials equipment repairs.

The Majority of the HVAC shop services are performed during the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm / Monday through Friday.