The custodial department staff is divided into five separate groups; each group has a Supervising Janitor who reports directly to the Head Custodian. The Supervising Janitor is responsible for a group of buildings and supervises a staff of janitors and cleaners. The Supervising Janitors and their areas of responsibility are listed below:

Randy Bologna

Group 1: Library, Phys Ed, Children’s Center, Print Shop, Mailroom, Publications, Book Store

Grace Abarca

Group 2: Administration, CCN, Human Resources, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences

Arthur Civitella

Group 3: Visual Arts, Service Group, Butler-Student Center, Dance-LIU, PAC, Music

Radoslaw Mosiej

Group 4: Residence Halls, Outback, Phase 1 Apts, Phase 2 Apts, Alumni Village, Fort Awesome, CCS

Maury Blige (Night Shift)

Group 5: Humanities, Dance, Visual Arts, Natural Sciences