Consistency is Key

We work to ensure that all messages sent out into the world look, feel, and sound like Purchase.

We offer specialized support for the Purchase College community in media relations, graphic design, photography, editorial services, printing, social media, and general creative input via a healthy brainstorm.

Every person on campus plays a role in supporting the brand identity. Please reach out of you have any questions, concerns, or great ideas.

We’re Here to Help

The more lead time you have, the better, so let us know as soon as possible how we can help.

Project Request Form

  • <div class="faq"> <div class="question"> <a href="/live/blurbs/415-how-much-lead-time-do-i-need-for-a-project">How much lead time do I need for a project?</a> </div> <div class="answer truncate"> <p> It depends. If you need small changes made to an existing printed piece and help getting it printed, it could be a couple of weeks. If you want to build a visual campaign and messaging surrounding an event, we might need a few months. BEST ANSWER: As soon as you know (or even think) you want to develop communications or marketing materials, complete the below form.</p> <h4> <a class="button1" href="/offices/ccs/project-request-form/">New Project Request Form</a> </h4> <a class="more" href="#">keep reading <span class="lw_sr_only">FAQ</span>»</a> </div> </div>