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Lee Schlesinger

Associate Professor Emeritus of Literature

Lee Schlesinger taught literature at Purchase College since 1975. His courses ranged from The Ancient Epic to Contemporary U.S. Poetry, with an emphasis on the great writers and poets of the American 19th century (Emerson, Melville, Whitman, Dickinson) and probably the 20th century too (William Carlos Williams, William Faulkner). He was honored with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1985. Schlesinger earned his PhD in literature from Yale University in 1973 and his BA from Brandeis University in 1969.

In addition to teaching, Professor Schlesinger coordinated the interdisciplinary liberal arts (BALA) program at Purchase College for many years. He lectures widely throughout the region; is widely traveled, from Kansas to India with lots of place in between; and his interest in birds is well known.