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Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch ’99

Nicole Spiegel‒Gotsch is the founder and CEO of Mavyn, a consultancy that helps women launch, build and grow their businesses by mastering their marketing.

After starting her career at a new media nonprofit during the tech boom of the 90s, she moved over to advertising and promotion at a major publishing house. In 2007, she left corporate life to work for herself while getting an M.A. in Graphic Communications Management & Technology at NYU. Her Capstone project would be on Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship. For the next thirteen years, Nicole ran a one-woman creative shop.

In 2020, her experience and passion for empowering women led her to form Mavyn. Initially, Nicole became an entrepreneur to flex her abilities and define her own path. Her mission with Mavyn is to help other women to do the same.




Member, PCAA Board of Directors