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Anthony Paul Domestico

Associate Professor of Literature

Anthony Domestico is an associate professor of literature at Purchase College and the books columnist for Commonweal. His research focuses on modernism and its relationship to intellectual and religious history. His book, Poetry and Theology in the Modernist Period, is available from Johns Hopkins University Press, and his essays have appeared in Religion and LiteratureLiterature and TheologyChristianity & Literature , the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, and Persuasions.

He is also a working book critic, publishing reviews in, among other places, The Atlantic, The Baffler, Book Post, the Boston Globe, the Boston Review, the Christian Science Monitor, the Harvard Review, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Times Literary Supplement, and the Washington Post.

He teaches courses on modernism, the history of the lyric, science fiction, Jane Austen, Henry James, Flannery O’Connor, and many other topics.

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Great Books Recently Read

Don DeLillo, End Zone; Brandon Taylor, The Late Americans; Saskia Hamilton, All Souls; Emily Ogden, On Not Knowing; Ange Mlinko, Venice; Matthew Specktor, Always Crashing in the Same Car; Margo Jefferson, Constructing a Nervous System; Tessa Hadley, Late in the Day; Percival Everett, The Trees; Mónica Ojeda, Jawbone


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