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Rebecca Albrecht Oling

Associate Librarian

Interim Director of Digital Accessibility

  • Serve on and collaborate with the Accessibility Subcommittee, Office of Disability Resources, and Computing and Technology Services to ensure digital accessibility is understood and is a priority for all campus departments via outreach activities to Boards of Study, school administration, student organizations, and one-on-one as necessary.
  • Provide leadership, guidance, collaboration, coordination, and support for stakeholders with regard to necessary training and accessibility issues.
  • Contribute to a digital repository of resources and information pertaining to accessible course content and web content.
  • Develop workshops, training materials and resources to support faculty, students, and staff in creating and using accessible digital materials.
  • Work with faculty partners to review existing courses to identify and suggest accessibility-related design revisions.
  • Work closely with the Teaching Learning Technology Center and Faculty Director of Pedagogy Development to design and implement Moodle support for faculty with particular emphasis on accessibility.
  • Conduct group workshops for faculty to ensure that course materials are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W.C.A.G.) 2.0 and A.A. compliant
  • Provide one-on-one consultation and group workshops on universal design and the development of accessible technology-based instructional materials.
  • Assist with the audit of Learning Management Systems (Moodle and Mahara) materials and ensure that materials contained in these educational systems are W.C.A.G. 2.0 compliant
  • Coordinate communication of audit information to the campus in order to inform changes to campus processes and procedures
  • Collaborate with appropriate personnel across campus to ensure steady and robust progress toward accessibility becoming standard operational procedure.
  • Stay up to date about emerging assistive, information, instructional technologies and accessibility solutions, including conducting research as appropriate.

Research Interests

Instruction (both in libraries and in rare disease/nonprofit settings)

Universal Design and Accessibility

Assessment and Instructional Design

Restoration Drama



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