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Domestic and International Insurance


All students enrolled in at least 6 credits need to have health insurance coverage. Purchase College’s eBills will show your Health Insurance. If you have coverage of your own, you can waive the school’s insurance off of your eBill. To do so, you would need to log into your myHeliotrope account from Once logged in, click “Student Accounts” and then “Health Insurance Waiver.” Answer all of the questions that follow.

The cost for Domestic Health Insurance for 2020-21 is $1,247 per semester:

    1. Fall 2020: $1,247
      • Coverage dates: August 14th, 2020 - January 23rd, 2021

      • Deadline to waive: September 15th 2020

    2. Spring 2021: $1,247
      • Coverage dates: January 24th, 2021- August 13th, 2021

      • Deadline to waive: February 15th 2021

IMPORTANT: Although your eBill will be updated almost immediately upon your completion of the health insurance waiver so as to reduce your balance with the College, the waiver will remain subject to further review by the office of the Purchase College Association. This review process will verify the following two points:

  • That the policy and group numbers you provide link to actual policies with actual providers
  • That your health insurance plan provides the minimum coverage required of all students at Purchase College

If the Purchase College Association finds either of the above two points lacking, the waiver will be removed from your bill. This will result in an increase of your balance due- to include the cost of the College’s health insurance . If your waiver is removed, you will be offered the opportunity to submit a correction to your original waiver. You must meet the deadline you are advised of in such correspondence in order for your correction to be considered.


SUNY requires all students enrolled on an F-1 or a J-1 visa to participate in the college-provided medical insurance plan. Foreign students who are able to prove that they have comparable coverage for health care in the United States may apply for a waiver through Health Services. Until the waiver is approved your account will be billed including the international health insurance charge. The international health insurance waiver must be completed each semester.

The cost of health insurance per semester for an international student studying at Purchase is:

  1. Fall 2020: $750.45 (August 15th, 2020 - January 14th, 2021)
  2. Spring 2021:$740.45 (January 15th, 2021- June 14th, 2021)

The cost of health insurance per semester for a Purchase College student studying abroad is:

  1. Fall 2019: $276.60 (August 15th, 2020- January 14th, 2021)
  2. Spring 2020: $273.60 (January 15th, 2021- June 14th, 2021)