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Anjanette Merric ’11, ’18

Anjanette Merric ’11, ’18 is currently employed as a Real Estate Project Coordinator at Footlocker Corporate Offices in New York City. Prior to working at Footlocker, she was employed by NYU Langone Medical Center. Additionally, with a demanding schedule between working and the pursuit of her education, she always takes the time to volunteer.  Merric volunteered with New York Cares by assisting with various projects that deals with education, fitness and feeding the homeless.  She also volunteered at Columbia University as a TASC Community Impact Instructor teaching young adults to prepare for obtaining their GED. Parochial School educated throughout her primary and secondary education, Merric recently received her second Masters, January 2018, in Entrepreneurship from Purchase College. Additionally, she obtained her M.B.A., from Iona College.




Treasurer, Alumni Association Board of Directors