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David H. Jameson

Lecturer of Computer Science

David Jameson received his Ph.D. in computer science from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He started his career at IBM Research where he worked on a variety of research projects including Screen Reader, a juggling robot and several programming languages before creating the Computer Music Center, a research group dedicated to developing better tools for musicians. Soon after, he was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. After leaving IBM Research in 1999, Dr. Jameson created several startups that developed news aggregation tools and anti-spam products for consumers. He is co-founder of Deskew Technologies, LLC which develops Gig Performer (, an audio plugin host for use by live musicians.

His main areas of interest are programming languages, debugging technology and interactive computer music systems. David is no stranger mixing art with technology. He tours with The Security Project ( and Beyond The Wall ( in both of which he plays keyboards and the Eigenharp, an alternative controller that leverages OSC for very fine grained musical control of synthesizers.