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Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month Displays

In celebration of Hispanic / Latinx Heritage month, the Library is featuring displays of books and music by and about Latinx and Hispanic creators all month long! All items on display can be checked out.

Celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage at the Library! Crossing disciplines and genres, these displays offer a peek into the Library’s deep – and growing! – collections in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx studies.

On the display cabinet on the first floor, we have a vibrant sample of Library materials, including books of literature, contemporary & traditional poetry in Spanish and English translation, biography, history, drama, film and sociology. Authors represented include: Jorge Luis Borges, Ruben Dario, Ana Castillo, Isabella Allende, and Carmen Gimenez Smith; an array of humanities monographs cover topics such as quinceanera, queer identity, Chica lit, multicultural theatre, and Latin American film.

The Music Collection, too, comes alive with the various sounds of Latin America. CDs on display represent a sample of major genres such as: salsa, mariachi, tango, Latin pop, and rock en espanol. Artists range from worldwide icons such as Celia Cruz, Willie Colon, Silvio Rodriguez and Tito Puente to favorites like Shakira, Los Fabulous Cadillacs, Gloria Estafan and Marc Anthony.

The display will run all month long, from September 15 through October 15.  All CDs and books on display are available to check out for further exploration!