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Sebastian Bass ’21 Captures a Moment

Purchase students stay creative and productive.

“I was walking home one day and I passed by a little video shoot happening. I was intrigued so I went over and it happened to be some people I knew.

“Jahleel Hills ’21, a senior filmmaker and drummer, was conducting a video shoot with Tevani Joseph ’24, a first year student in the Conservatory of Dance, and I stopped to take stills. We all had a blast helping out and creating something great. We plan to continue to collaborate and make great art.”    –Sebastian Bass ’21 (Photography)

Also on set helping out were students Evan Pritchard (videographer), Donyae McCray (videographer), and DJ Franklin (photographer).

While the number of students on campus enrolled in face-to-face instruction has been reduced for safety, we look forward to inviting more students back in the coming semesters and to the time when we can return all students to campus safely.