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Purchase Among the Top 386 Colleges in the U.S.

This according to the 2021 edition of The Princeton Review.

Purchase College is listed as one of the “Top 386 Colleges” in the nation by The Princeton Review in the 2021 edition of their college guide.

We’ve also been listed as a Best Northeastern College and a Best Value College. As a college that takes great pride in its values of diversity and acceptance, Purchase is on the list of most LGBTQ friendly colleges in the nation. Home to the acclaimed Performing Arts Center, Purchase was also ranked on the list of Best College Theaters.

Only about 14% of the nation’s 2,800 four-year colleges are profiled in the book. The company chooses the colleges for the book based on data it annually collects from administrators at hundreds of colleges about their institutions’ academic offerings. The Princeton Review also considers data it gathers from its surveys of college students who rate and report on various aspects of their campus and community experiences.

The Princeton Review praises Purchase for its excellent academic programs in the liberal arts and sciences and performing and visual arts.

The college’s faculty members across the board were lauded for their commitment to “going out of their way to make sure everyone is on the same page,” and offering “rich and exciting,” classes that “bring the material [to] life and take learning outside the classroom.”

The guide points out Purchase’s close proximity to New York City, which helps students benefit from social and educational opportunities, a fertile alumni network, and access to some of the best artists in New York area who serve as adjunct faculty.

In the Purchase College profile, students point out a “definite sense of unity and acceptance” on campus, “meaning that everyone is free to be themselves.” The student body was described by one student as “being all about finding new ways to think about things, from science to art to management.”

“We’re proud that Purchase has been nationally recognized for its strong academic programs, dedicated faculty, and unique campus culture,” says Shane Seaman, Interim Dean of Enrollment Management at Purchase College.

“We’re also proud that the Princeton Review has listed Purchase as being a best value college. In this challenging economy, when so many families are struggling, we remain dedicated to providing a top-notch, high quality education that is affordable and accessible. We hope the guide inspires prospective students who are looking for the best place for them to learn and to grow as scholars, scientists, and artists,” adds Seaman.

In addition to the Princeton Review recognition, Purchase College has recently been included on other significant college ranking lists, including: