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EOP Alums Share Words of Hope

EOP Alums share their Words of Hope and Encouragement to current students and the rest of the EOP family! More to come, and check out the short and motivating videos!

Memorable Quotes of Hope from EOP Alums: 

“We know all about the struggle… As a member of EOP, you know you’re resilient.” - Isabella Sosa, Class of 2015

“The best of days are yet to come…We have to help each other out… You’re all capable of overcoming.” - Petronila Rodriguez, Class of 2018

“Stay hopeful and be kind to yourself.” - Jasmin Sierra, Class of 2014

“If you’re feeling anxious, nervous and scared, these are all valid feelings. But what makes you different from other students is that you’re an EOP student…Being an EOP student means that you have a skill set that no other student has, and that is called resilience.” - Adon Cooper, Class 2009