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Biotechnology Concentration

Prepare yourself to join the workforce in the biological sciences.

Why Concentrate in Biotechnology?

To answer the need for an educated and skilled workforce in New York State and our region, we have established a biotechnology concentration within the biology major.

What Will the Program Do for Me?

This new concentration will…

• Prepare you for a career in biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and research laboratories by combining studies in basic biology with hands-on training in sophisticated techniques and instrumentation, such as…

  • cellular and molecular instrumentation
  • modern microscopy techniques
  • and molecular technologies,

• Provide an alternate career path for biology students in the growing field,

• Establish links to local biotech firms to provide research internships, and ultimately jobs, for our students,

• Allow completion within the biology BA degree within the same number of credits and it satisfies the usual requirements for the biology major.

Who’s Eligible?

The concentration is open to current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors*.