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Mobile Printing is Here!

You can now print from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a designated printer in the Reference Area of the Library!

The Library Mobility Printer (formerly known as “Reference Xerox #5”) is now set up for use with Papercut’s “Mobility Print” service. This printer is located near the Tech Assistance Office in the Reference Area, next to the black-and-white printers.

Mobile printing is simple to use. Just make sure you’re connected to the PurchaseWiFi network, install the printer “-Library-Mobility-Printon your personal device, and print directly to it. No need to use a web browser or upload documents! (Web Print is not going away, but CTS and the Library are excited to offer this new printing option.)

Windows, macOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and iOS devices are all compatible with this service. Printer point rates remain the same, and your allocation will be charged automatically. As a nice bonus, Mobility Print automatically detects which pages are in black and white and which are in color, and charges you accordingly.

Instructions for installing the Library Mobility Printer on your device and submitting print jobs are available in the CTS Knowledgebase Wiki (login with your Purchase credentials): Mobility Printing Over Purchase WiFi.