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Debut HBO Special for Amanda Seales ’03

The actress and comedian returns to New York for her debut stand-up special airing on HBO.

Amanda Seales ’03 (BALA: African American studies and visual and performing arts) debuts on HBO this Saturday in a stand-up special taped in New York’s Edison Ballroom. She moved to LA in 2015 after spending 12 years in New York building her career. She’s best known for her role in the HBO series Insecure.

After graduating from Purchase, she went on to earn her MA in African American studies at Columbia University. She infuses her smart and acerbic comedy with African American history. While she invites all to watch, her comedy is meant for a particular audience: black women. 

She told AMNY, “‘This is a special for black women. Anyone else who enjoys it is more than welcome to, but I made this distinctly from a place of wanting to have a voice for black women,’” the comedian says.

She also warns if you’re a racist, a xenophobe, or you take your socks and shoes off on a plane, don’t bother watching.

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