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VÉRITÉ, aka Kelsey Byrne ’12, Breaking Through

With over 100 million Spotify streams and her new album Somewhere In Between…

VÉRITÉ, known as Kelsey Byrne ’12 (studio composition), has just released her first full-length album and it’s getting a lot of attention.

Named to the list of 25 Rising Artists on Tour this summer, the site writes, “VÉRITÉ single-handedly radiates melodic left-field pop and rhythmic undertones that keep us singing along from start to finish.” More

Vice’s writes, “Her signature vocal runs are sleek and improbably effortless (the chorus of “Better” is spellbinding), and when her delivery is raw and raspy, it feels like a swift kick to the chest.” More

And hails the album as, “one of the finest pop albums of the year.”


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