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The Students of the Digital Collections Center

With a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Purchase students, digitization and preservation operations at the Digital Collections Center are thriving.

The Digital Collections Center, nestled inside the computer labs on the first floor of the Library, is a busy place. A variety of analog collections are in constant need of digitization, cataloging, publication, and preservation.

Current projects underway include the digital conversion of printed senior projects from 1973-2010 (conservatively estimated at over 10,000 projects); the scanning of our enormous 35mm slide collection that covers the arts, humanities, and sciences; and archival collections of campus publications, 16mm films,  and exhibition materials.

With just one full time curator the Center could not function, but with a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Purchase students, the Center is thriving.

Delanie Goldman ’19 (arts management) has served as the DCC’s digitization assistant since September of 2016 , skillfully converting over 1,000 35mm slides to digital format. She has cataloged several hundred of these for publication on ARTstor. Delanie’s work is consistently outstanding and detail-oriented.

Alex Patrascu ’17 (liberal studies-arts) has served as the Center’s digital humanities intern for the spring semester of 2017, and has overseen the data and digital object transfer of almost 700 senior projects. This will guarantee that our senior project repository (currently being built, not yet public)  is up to date. Alex has provided essential research and contextual analysis during her internship. 

Timothy Berkey MA ’18 (art history), a graduate student, has become a master cataloger of art historical scholarship.  Working on a digital collection of over 150 photographs documenting the immense bronze and stone sculptures wrought by Henry Moore, Timothy is contributing  digital objects and excellent data to ARTstor

Stephanie Guyet MA ’18 (art history) , has expertly evaluated our 35mm slide collection of French art masters Corot, Courbet, and Daumier, in order to select unique reproductions of their works not currently found on ARTstor. Her superb cataloging skills will digitally define these works for future research and teaching. 

Thank you to all the students who make the Digital Collections Center fabulously productive!