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Space Change Requests

Purchase College maintains 22 non-residential buildings, across which there are nearly 2,100 spaces that can be assigned a given usage and department. These spaces equate to nearly one-million square feet of assignable space. To aid in the tracking and justification of space assignments, the Space Planning Committee (SPC) has created the following procedures to aid in streamlining this process.

Space Change Request Form*


*Please be advised that this form is temporarily print-only; a fillable form will be uploaded soon. If any accommodations are needed to complete this form in the interim, please contact the SPC.

Space Utilization and/or Department Change Requests

For any room changes that will modify the assigned department or intended usage (Eg. office into storage), the campus community will need to complete a Space Change Request Form* and attain the appropriate signatures. This form acts as the preliminary request and should be sent to for review.

Following receipt of this form, the SPC Chair will work with the requesting individual/department to review the spaces, intended alterations, and needs that may result from this change. Once this information is collected, the SPC will review and vote on the request. In some instances, department directors and building managers may be brought in to discuss the request. As the SPC is advisory in nature, requests that modify the intended use of a space (such as converting a gallery into a classroom) will be sent to Cabinet for final approval.

This process is intended to support record keeping and data management which will be used at the local-level to aid in proper space utilization and future project planning. This information will also be used at the SUNY-level to determine campus support needs.

Space Planning Committee Members

The following committee members were designated within their respective departments, each of which were selected due to the cross-functional nature they have within the campus:

  • Bill Junor - Campus Technology, Data Infrastructure
  • Cayla Salazar - Housing Administration, Student Life
  • Greg Taylor - Academic Programs, Enrollment
  • James McGowan - University Police
  • Keisha Martin - Conferences, Rentals, Events
  • Lauren West - Registrar
  • Lukas Gunderson - Facilities, SPC Chair
  • Ryan Nassisi - Campus Technology
  • Sean Connolly - Capital Facilities

Please feel free to reach out to our SPC E-mail address should you have any questions or suggestions!