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How do I go about getting financial aid for a winter course?

Although, financial aid is not offered specifically for winter session, winter session charges can be included in a student’s cost of attendance to allow for additional loan eligibility for the academic year.* 

If you cannot pay the balance out of pocket and your fall bill is paid in full already you can consider the following:

  • If you have not used all of your federal student loans offered for fall, you can request to borrow this funding to help cover the balance for winter.
  • If your parent has a Parent PLUS loan, they can request the loan be increased for fall to cover the winter balance, provided there is room in your overall cost of attendance.
  • You can pursue a private educational student loan to cover the balance for the Winter Session directly, provided there is room in your overall cost of attendance.

For more information, you may visit Student Financial Services located on the first floor of the Student Services building or contact them by email at or by phone at 914-251-7000, press 2.

*The Winter Session is not long enough to be considered a semester, so we are unable to process federal or state aid towards a winter course.